VIDEO: The Truth About Vanity URLs in TV & Video Ads | How To Measure TV

Uncover the hidden realities of using Vanity URLs and Promo Codes in video advertising with our enlightening YouTube video. We delve into why these commonly used tools in video ads, such as ‘‘ and unique promo codes like ‘TV123,’ often fail to accurately measure the full impact of video content.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The Limitations: Understand how vanity URLs and promo codes capture only a tiny fraction of the actual impact of video ads, and the challenges in extrapolating this to the full video ad impact due to an unknown scale factor.
  • The Variability Issue: Discover how this unknown scale factor varies over time, adding to the complexity of accurate measurement.
  • The Problem of Code Sharing: Explore how the sharing and lookup of codes, especially on coupon sites, distort the correlation between these methods and the true video impact.
  • Impact on Brand Equity: Learn how these methods can distract from your brand’s core messaging and interfere with brand equity.
  • Practical Utility: Find out why, despite being able to establish a theoretical lower bound to video performance, these methods are not actionable or useful in practice.

Join us as we recommend against the use of vanity URLs and promo codes in video ads, challenging the status quo of video measurement. This video is a must-watch for marketers, advertisers, and content creators who seek to truly understand and measure the impact of their video content effectively.

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