VIDEO: 15 TV Attribution & Measurement Methods for Linear

Welcome to our in-depth guide on TV and video advertisement measurement, tailored to provide comprehensive insights into VIDEOQUANT’s extensive list of 15 attribution methods, particularly for linear TV. This video is an essential resource for marketers, advertisers, and anyone interested in the mechanics of TV commercials.

We begin by exploring a variety of techniques, including both Micro and Macro Methods, as well as cutting-edge approaches like Smart TV data and Smartphone Surveillance. These methods are revolutionizing advertisement measurement, and we delve into each one’s nuances, variations, and their synergistic combinations for enhanced accuracy.

Key elements such as Vanity URLs, Promo Codes, and Smart TV data from platforms like iSpot and TVsquared are covered in detail. We also investigate the controversial yet impactful Smartphone Surveillance. Additionally, we explain the importance of Post-spot Lift and Pre- and Post-conversion Surveys in understanding advertisement effectiveness.

Our guide further extends into advanced methodologies like Econometric Models, Time-Series Models, and the sophisticated Time-Series Cross-Section (TSCS) Models with geographic controls. Discover the role of Google’s Causal Impact model and the significance of Proxy Channel Measurements, including platforms like YouTube.

Lastly, we cover the complexities of Nielsen Panels, Set-top box data, and Cross-Sectional Models. This video is a journey into the intricate world of TV ad measurement, offering valuable knowledge for anyone navigating this field. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the art and science behind TV and video advertising!

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