VIDEO: Litmus Test: Is Your TV & Video Attribution Failing? | How To Measure TV

Are you struggling to measure the real impact of your video content? Dive into the world of advanced video analytics with our latest YouTube video, where we explore the essential criteria for an effective video attribution method. We answer four critical questions to ensure your video strategy aligns perfectly with your business objectives:

  1. Lift Correlation: Discover how to correlate your video channel spend with measurement accuracy.
  2. Zero Attribution Verification: Learn about methods that show no attribution in areas without video exposure, ensuring data integrity.
  3. Bi-Exponential Lift Pattern: Understand the significance of observing a bi-exponential lift curve when toggling video ads on and off.
  4. Capturing the Whole Truth: Find out how to quantify all impact aspects without relying on ambiguous or subjective measures.

Moreover, we delve into why measurement methods should minimally interfere with user experience and uphold ethical standards without breaching user privacy. This video is a must-watch for marketers, content creators, and anyone interested in maximizing the effectiveness of their video content strategy.

Most TV & video ads have anemic results; ~80% is caused by non-ideal creative strategy. VQ is a patent-pending system to avoid ineffective video concepts using outcomes data from 10M+ TV ads and online videos.


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