Tripadvisor Co-Founder & Ex-CEO Steve Kaufer Joins Videoquant Advisory Team

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Tripadvisor Co-Founder & ex-CEO Steve Kaufer Joins Videoquant Advisory Team

AI video start-up set to transform TV ad and social video content creation, with Kaufer poised to amplify growth.

BOSTON, MA – May 25, 2023 – Steve Kaufer, the co-founder and former CEO of Tripadvisor, has joined the advisory team at Videoquant, Inc., a pioneering start-up disrupting television commercial and social video content generation.

Kaufer, who started Tripadvisor and grew it to become the world’s largest travel platform with around $1.5B in annual revenues and 490 million monthly active users, will now bring his vast experience to Videoquant. As CEO, Kaufer led Tripadvisor to operate in over 40 countries and feature over 1 billion reviews and opinions on more than 8.7 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines, and cruises.

“Steve’s unparalleled experience in scaling digital platforms will be invaluable to Videoquant as we continue our mission to redefine video content creation,” said Timothy D’Auria, the founder and CEO of Videoquant, Inc. “His proven track record in growing Tripadvisor into a global leader will provide our team with critical insights as we innovate and expand.”

Videoquant, Inc. is poised to transform the landscape of TV ad and social video content. Traditional video marketing development methods, such as surveys, panels, focus groups, and speculation, often fail to predict real-world performance, potentially costing brands up to an estimated $14M per year for a typical mid-size national TV campaign. In contrast, Videoquant’s patent-pending GPT technology enables companies to anticipate the performance outcomes of their video concepts and content early in production and pre-media spend. This strategic shift redirects brands to video with statistically higher chances of success and ROI.

The startup has a track record of successful pilots and is currently working with a select number of additional prestigious brands to expand its portfolio. The most recent pilot, a blind experiment conducted in collaboration with a globally recognized Fortune 500 company, substantiated the potency of Videoquant technology, finding that videos that Videoquant technology predicted would later perform well achieved 4.39x higher average downstream performance than those video ads that Videoquant predicted would underperform. These compelling results suggest a cost savings potential of roughly $2.4M for every $10M spent on TV and video marketing, simply by using Videoquant technology to reduce brand investment on video content predicted to underperform.

“I’m excited to join the advisory team at Videoquant,” said Kaufer. “Their innovative approach to video content ideation and performance prediction is set to disrupt the industry, and I look forward to contributing to their success.”

About Videoquant, Inc.

Videoquant, Inc. is a trailblazing startup redefining how businesses build and evaluate video marketing content. Its proprietary AI technology identifies video content unlikely to perform well during the early stages of production, offering Fortune 500 businesses unmatched insight into their video return on investment. Videoquant is selectively adding additional Fortune 500 brands to its portfolio, boasts four patent applications pending, and a robust pipeline featuring a Who’s Who of industry giants.

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