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10x Speed. 4x Lift. 1/2 Cost.

Videoquant saves marketing depts millions monthly with a patented TV & video ad creative brief & test system that cuts costs in half with 4x the lift.

Why Do Leading Brands Use VQ?

Reason for Videoquant

Why DraftKings & Uber turned to Videoquant.

Like other marketing, TV/video success takes lots of testing (trial & error).

Unlike other channels, TV & video test costs are huge (~1860x that of SEM). This causes brands to lose millions each month since they can’t test fast & effectively.

Videoquant cuts costs in half while boosting lift 4x using data from 106+ million TV & video assets to eliminate unnecessary production & testing already done by others.

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$2.4M cost cut per $10M spend. 4.4x Brand Lift. $60B MCap.

Blind study on $60B brand spending $2B/yr on marketing.

VQ predictions gave 4.4x higher brand lift & ROI (p-val 0.03).

$2.4M savings per $10M spent on TV/video media.

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See Tim speak with CEO of iSpot

I’m Tim D’Auria, the Founder of Videoquant.

We’ve mastered getting TV & Video results using AI + backtesting to avoid weak creative. I’m an ex-Bloomberg Wall Street Quant, former Tripadvisor Head of TV Optimization, and can be seen in talks with the C-Suites of CBS, iSpot, etc.

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More Results…

#1 Best Video for Over 1 Year. 1.4M Subscriber Channel.

1.4 Million subscriber YouTube channel.

VQ output a concept; the channel built it.

#1 most-viewed video for over a year across 360 videos.

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Additional Data

VQ Catapults Influencer

After building a VQ video concept, beyond the video becoming #1, the channel’s views & subscribers took off.

Some More Data

Additional Data

Clear Performance Breakout

VQ predicted the probability that TV/video content would do well or not for the client. Media was run. Performance breakout between our high/low predictions emerged.

VQ made pre-media predictions

Brand ran media on video

VQ high predictions had higher downstream actuals.

Why Does VQ Work So Well?

Founder with Industry Leaders

Tim w/ CBS + Roku

Watch CBS CAO Radha Subramanyam, VQ Founder, and others discuss television attribution.

Tim w/ CEO iSpot

Watch iSpot CEO Sean Muller & VQ Founder discuss a new method for TV measurement.

Tripadvisor ex-CEO

Tripadvisor Co-Founder & ex-CEO Steve Kaufer Joins Videoquant

How it works

Rarely is a TV or video strategy truly new.

Much has been tried over 83 years of commercial TV. We have data on how most strategies & tactics perform. This is how we amplify KPIs out of the gate before clients spend a penny to produce or run test media.

106+ Million TV & video assets

Data is king. We started by building the world’s largest TV & video marketing outcomes repository that keeps growing daily.

AI to build intelligence

We use GPT, AI computer vision & audition to understand what’s happening across this massive repository of assets.

Quantitative Backtesting

We backtest creative strategies and tactics before clients produce or test media, including messaging, reasons to believe, offers, etc. Our insights avg 4x better on key metrics of ROI & brand lift.

Audience-specific Insight

We summarize insights into TV/video content to avoid (known ineffective) and areas of opportunity per client audience. These insights are stapled to creative briefs and more.

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Now, if you want to know WHY this works so well…

Stick with me and I’ll share with you four key differentiators of

Why we succeed where others consistently fail.

Differentiator #1

We use massive REAL-WORLD video performance data.

Whether you want 400% ROI or 20 points of brand lift, data on how video ads have performed in the real-world is key.

In contrast, surveys, panels, and focus groups use small samples of artificial data not from a real-world setting.

This is why surveys, focus groups, and panels rarely anticipate real-world results. The book “Blink” reaffirms why.

Real-world data equals more accurate results. Our data has real-world performance of over 106 Million video assets.

About vector
About vector

Differentiator #2

Insights arrive before you invest a penny on video.

Video is expensive to produce and test. Unlike other marketing (SEM/SEO) where thousands of tests can be ran in no time for near-zero cost, video takes work.

With video, you need to have the concept, a plan, you need to write the script, editing, casting, location scouting,…

…camera equipment, the sound, the lighting, crews, insurance, compliance, etc. And this is just pre-media.

(Higher cost per test) x (more tests needed) =
budget is blown before you even get started

We solve this problem using other people’s money to identify what works before you make large upfront investments.

Differentiator #3

We focus on what drives 80% of all ROI & lift- the creative.

While nearly all industry tools outside of surveys are focused on video media (what inventory to buy when and at what price), data shows that ~80% of TV & video results are caused by video content.

Video content is like a racehorse and media the jockey. Your media can’t win with a three-legged horse.

Video content requires oversized data science attention to win. And that’s what we do uniquely from the market.

About vector
About vector

Differentiator #4

Our World-Class Team

It includes the co-founder of a $2.6B MCap. Our team has spent over a billion USD on TV & video across our careers.

Founder Tim is an ex-Wall Street Quant and ex-Head of TV Data Science (>$110M/yr). You’ve seen his work.

Tripadvisor’s ex-CEO & co-founder.

Vistaprint / Drizly / GrubHub ex-Head of Global TV & Video


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Most TV & video ads have anemic results; ~80% is caused by non-ideal creative strategy. VQ is a patent-pending system to avoid ineffective video concepts using outcomes data from 10M+ TV ads and online videos.


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